Shing Mun River was originally a shallow sea?

Shing Mun River is located in Sha Tin district. It originates from peak of Tai Mo Shan, and the main stream flows into Shing Mun Reservoir and Lower Shing Mun Reservoir, and enters Shing Mun River Channel. Converging with several streams and nullahs, the river enters Tide Cove near Shatin Sewage Treatment Works. Shing Mun River was originally a shallow sea, or Tide Cove. During the development of Sha Tin New Town in the 1970s, the original shallow sea was transformed into land with a river channel, and the natural coastline became the straight concrete and stone walls we see today. The estuary of the original Shing Mun River is at Hong Kong Heritage Museum. Shing Mun River is primarily designed for the drainage of stormwater from Shatin. Yet, the sediment became contaminated in the 1980s when large amounts of industrial, commercial, livestock and domestic waste water was dumped untreated into the River. The Government controlled and reduced the pollution load to the River by the early 1990s, resulting in good water quality. The Government then continued to study and tackle the odour problem of Shing Mun River due to the dregs of the wastes. A number of treatment processes are considered and conducted, further improving the Shing Mun River as a nice and leisure place for Hong Kong's residents to enjoy.

Source: Green Power, Environmental Protection Department

Image: Apple Daily