Is water crisis possible in modern society?


Many people misunderstand that only impoverished areas lack adequate water resources. Major cities such as Hong Kong do not need to worry water crisis. However, just in 2015, California announced state's first-ever mandatory water restrictions, targeting at 25% reduction in use.

Before that, California was already coping with four years of drought, while a lack of winter storms has worsen the situation. California relies heavily on snowpack each winter to supply water. As snowpack was at an all-time low at that period of time, reservoir storage level was also declining.

Meanwhile, California farms produce and export fruits and vegetables, hay for livestock, etc., which require large amount of fresh water, i.e. large water footprint. This exerted greater pressure on water supply in California.

The whole world, including Hong Kong, is encountering future uncertainties resulting from global climate change. We have to meet the challenges of climate change by exploiting new water resources and enhancing the mindset of water conservation.

Source: National Geographic