How much water do Hong Kong people use every day?

Hong Kong citizens take water for granted when water flows at the flip of a switch. This is perhaps the reason why, the average water consumption per person per day in Hong Kong reaches 130 liters, around 20% higher than the global average.

Consuming 130 liters of water in a day is equivalent to:

1. Drinking 130 1L bottled water, OR

2. Turning on tap for 20 minutes, OR

3. Taking shower for 6 minutes. OR

4. Using washing machine for 3 times

Running the water, washing clothes and taking bath... We are unwittingly using large amount of water in our daily life. Thus, as "many a little makes a mickle", establishing good habits of conserving every drop of water is important.

However, the amount of water we consume is far more than that we see, because a large quantity of water is hidden and embedded in food or other products...

Source: Water Supplies Department